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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 7.1
If you are a real movie lover, surely you will find Movienizer a very helpful tool for you. It allows you to organize your movie and TV series collection and locate one in no time. You can use Movienizer to record all kind of information about your movies - including a brief synopsis and screenshots - and to rate them, so that you can find your favorite flicks very easily.
What is more, Movienizer is capable of downloading any missing piece of information about your movies automatically from renowned online databases such as IMDb.

The program offers a practical user interface with easy access to all the functions offered. Its main panel displays thumbnails of all your registered movies and actors in alphabetical order. Note that Movienizer not only allows you to keep detailed information about your favorite movies and series, but also about your favorite actors/actresses. You can also filter your movie list by any of a large number of parameters, such as the year, the genre, the actors, the country, and the IMDd rating, just to mention some. Besides, you can create quick filters that allow you to filter your movie list with a single click.

Once you click on a movie, all the information attached to it will appear classified into categories, like General, Shots, Awards, Actors, Description, and Seasons (useful for series). As for the actors/actresses, the available categories are General, Biography, Awards, and Movies. Adding a new movie to your collection is also an easy and simple process. The program allows you to do it in four modes: by title, by barcode, from DVD/Blu-ray folders, and from files/folders. This means that you can type or read the barcode of your original DVD (barcode readers are supported) and let the program download all the information automatically from the Internet, or simply let it extract the information directly from the metadata on your DVD disc or video files. You can also add persons (i.e. actors/actresses, director, etc.) by letting the program find and download the corresponding information from the Web. Of course, the program also allows you to edit the information of your movies and persons at any moment with ease.

To conclude, I would say that Movienizer is a great tool that performs its job really well. All the features mentioned above cover just its main functionality, but there are more additional functions. The $39.95 price is for a 1-year subscription only, but you can also buy a lifetime license for $89.95. The publishers also offer a portable version of the program that works without installation.


  • Easy to use.
  • Downloads missing information about your movies and/or persons automatically.
  • Capable of extracting the movies' information from your DVD discs or video files.
  • Allows you to filter your movie list by multiple parameters.


  • Its user interface is a bit uncolored.

What's new in version 8.0

Movienizer 8.0. Improvements and new features in the movie organizer.

[!] Controls in the "Edit info" window for movie were reorganized. Directors, screenplay writers and other crew members are shown in a single list.
In the "Edit info" window, various lists (directors, screenplay writers, composers) were combined into one list. Now you can add, remove or edit all crew members on the "General" tab.
Crew in the edit info window
If you need to add a person, click the corresponding category (for example, Directors), then click the plus button in the right upper corner of the list. Alternatively, you can click the arrow next to the plus button and select a category:
Add a crew member

[!] Added support for new types of people: producers and cinematographers.
In addition to directors, screenplay writers and composers, Movienizer 8.0 supports producers and cinematographers. The program will download information about these new types automatically, as you download information about movies.
Producers and cinematographers
You can enable or disable downloading this information in the download script settings:
Download information about producers and cinematographers
As usual, producers and cinematographers can also be added to any movie manually, in the "Edit info" window.

[!] In extended filters, it is now possible to select a logical operator ("AND" / "OR") for fields with several values.
Extended filters have become even more powerful in Movienizer 8.0. Now you can choose how multiple values should be combined within one field.
Logical condition for the extended filter
For example, using the "AND" operator, you will find movies that have both "Adventure" and "Fantasy" in the list of genres. Using the "OR" operator, you will list all movies of the "Adventure" genre plus all movies of the "Fantasy" genre (so the list is likely to be longer than the first one).
The selected logical operator applies to all fields where multiple selections are possible (genre, countries, actors, etc.).

[ ] Technical information can now be copied to other editions / episodes.
In Movienizer 8.0, you can fill out fields for one episode of a TV series and then copy the values to the rest of the episodes:
Copy fields to other editions
There are 3 fields that aren't copied: Filename, Duration, and File size. Any information in other fields will be replaced by the information that you've entered into the current episode / edition:
Warning, replacing information
You can choose whether to copy values from the current tab or from all tabs. Additionally, if the TV series includes several seasons, you can copy values to all episodes of the current season, or to all episodes of all seasons:
Choose where to copy fields from and to

[ ] Movie rating can be updated without re-downloading any other information.
Movie rating may change quite frequently, especially for recently released movies. In Movienizer 8.0, you can update ratings for any number of selected movies without downloading and updating any other information. Just enable Group Operations, select some movies and click "Tools" - "Update movie rating".
Update movie rating
Movienizer will automatically download the current ratings from the corresponding information source.
Updating movie ratings
No other details are affected by this operation.

[ ] For movies with several editions, when movie location is set using the right-click menu, you can now select an edition.
In previous versions of Movienizer you could use the right-click menu to set location only for single-edition movies and for the first edition of movies that had several editions.
Set location using the right-click menu
Movienizer 8.0 will prompt to choose an edition:
Select an edition
In this window, you can select one or more editions.

Publisher's description

Movienizer is a movie cataloging application for home and professional use. It makes use of a database from Internet to fetch information about the movies that you add. Details such as cast, photos of actors, screenshots, and movie covers are automatically downloaded. You can easily add movies by scanning the barcode of DVD covers.

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    There are two program Password Safe and PasswordSafe I have Password Safe and it is current.
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    Realy best organizer for your movie collection.

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